In-House Diagnostics

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In-House Diagnostics

When it comes to diagnosing health issues and delivering the appropriate treatment, veterinarians heavily rely on their training and experience in animal health. Fortunately, modern technologies have significantly enhanced their ability to quickly and accurately identify the root causes of health problems. At Fairlea Animal Hospital, we offer comprehensive pet bloodwork and diagnostics, including Ultrasound, to ensure the highest level of care for your beloved furry friend.

Enhancing Veterinary Care through Advanced Technologies

When animals are injured or ill, they can’t effectively communicate their symptoms, making diagnosis a challenge. In the past, veterinarians relied on observation, experience, and intuition to identify health problems. However, today’s advancements in technology and testing have revolutionized veterinary care, enabling vets to swiftly diagnose illnesses and injuries and promptly administer life-saving treatments.

Exploring the Inner Workings with Technology

X-rays, which have been utilized since the 1940s, have provided veterinarians with the ability to visualize the internal structures of an animal’s body, including bones, joints, and the spine, without invasive surgical procedures. This imaging technique aids in diagnosing fractures and diseases affecting these structures. More recently, Ultrasound has proven invaluable in detecting abnormalities within soft tissues.
Endoscopy is yet another technological breakthrough that empowers veterinarians to deliver targeted care. By employing a small camera attached to a flexible tube, internal organs, and tissues can be visualized, guiding surgical procedures and necessary treatments.
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Insights Unveiled by Pet Bloodwork

When blood is drawn from your pet, it reveals a wealth of information that veterinarians can utilize for accurate diagnoses. These tests can identify inflammation, infection, anemia, clotting disorders, and immune system problems. They also provide crucial data about the functionality of internal organs, such as the heart, kidneys, liver, and endocrine system, enabling the vet to pinpoint the underlying health issue and provide the most effective form of treatment.
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