Importance of Annual Wellness Exam

Fairlea Animal Hospital in Lewisburg, WV, is the place for all your veterinary care needs. Our expertly trained and compassionate staff is here to serve you and your pets. We are a second-generation animal hospital and pride ourselves on our legacy of exceptional veterinary care. While we can handle all of your emergency pet care needs, we promote annual wellness visits as a way to keep your pet in tip-top shape all year round.


The Benefits of a Wellness Exam

Just like you, your pet needs an annual wellness check-up. It is an opportunity for our veterinarians to give your pet a thorough examination, checking your pet’s overall health. A wellness exam is a critical time for you to ask any questions regarding your pet's health and wellness.

Puppies can require several wellness exams during their first year. It is important that they are vaccinated against prevalent diseases to ensure they grow healthy and strong. As your pet reaches his middle years, an annual exam is usually all that is required to monitor his health and update any vaccination boosters. When your dog or cat reaches his senior years, he may require additional care to keep him vibrant and healthy. We want to help your pet to live his best life.

What We Look For At A Wellness Exam

At Fairlea Animal Hospital, your pet's wellness exam is the best opportunity to discover any changes in behavior, weight, and signs of infections or diseases. Our doctor will examine your pet with a nose-to-tail overview. Our trained eyes and a hands-on examination of his coat, muscle system, skeletal structure, eyes, mouth, and ears will give us a good indication of your pet's overall health. We will go over your pet's diet, exercise, water intake, habits, elimination schedule, and other lifestyle-related indicators with you to round out our examination.

To ascertain all that we can about your pet's health, we will perform blood and fecal testing. This is the best way to detect any hidden issues that can be successfully treated when they are caught in the early stages. Also, your pet will receive any necessary vaccinations or boosters during his visit.

Schedule Your Wellness Exam in Lewisburg, WV

To schedule a wellness visit, contact our team at Fairlea Animal Hospital at 304-645-3550 or complete our online appointment request form and one of our staff members will get back to you. Wellness exams are just one of the many veterinary services that we provide to keep your pets happy and healthy for years to come.


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