Boarding FAQs

Pet Boarding FAQs

No one particularly enjoys having to leave their pet alone when traveling for an extended period. If you are going to be away from home for a while, finding someone to watch your pet is necessary. Our team at Fairlea Animal Hospital in Lewisburg is here to provide your pet with quality pet boarding at our facility. Here are the questions you may have.


Will Someone Be Available to Care for My Pet at All Times?

Yes, whether you have a new pet or a senior animal, he or she will receive attentive care at our facility. Even if your pet suffers from a medical issue that requires constant service. This is especially important for someone who has a pet that suffers from anxiety issues. A staff member will provide attention to the pet, so it is less likely to suffer from mental difficulties during his or her owner's absence.

Is Medical Help Available for the Pets?

If your pet needs medical assistance of any type, we provide it according to your specifications. If an emergency should arise, it is handled without delay by our dedicated staff. This is not an amenity available if you decide to hire someone to check on your pet periodically at your home. If your pet requires medication, it is administered according to our veterinarians' recommendations or your instruction.

Are Boarding Spaces Comfortable?

Our boarding facility provides pets with quarters that are comfortable and clean for their stay. If your pet enjoys a particular blanket or piece of bedding from home, bring it along to place in your pet's allotted space to give him or her a sense of home while you are gone. We make sure pets are engaged in exercise and have ample attention from staff members to keep them happy during their stay with us.

Contact Us for Boarding in Lewisburg, WV

If you are interested in finding out more about pet boarding, contact us at Fairlea Animal Hospital in Lewisburg for information. We ask that pets intending to stay with us have a wellness check with our veterinarians beforehand. If you are looking for a "vet near me," call us to learn more or schedule an appointment.


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