Pet Lyme Disease Treatments & Awareness - FairleaOur practice has seen a dramatic rise in canine Lyme disease in our area. In the past year we have had over 50 dogs to test positive to Lyme disease. Lyme disease is caused by a bacteria that resides in our tick population. The increased incidence of this disease is a direct reflection of the increased number of ticks carrying this bacteria in the Greater Greenbrier Valley.

We currently utilize a blood test which is extremely accurate in determining exposure to the bacteria which causes Lyme disease. The test is 94% accurate and is extremely reliable.

We currently have a vaccine for the prevention of Lyme disease which is an annual vaccine and can be combined with your dogs regular annual vaccinations. The vaccine is over 92% effective in protecting your dog against natural infections.

Lastly, it is absolutely critical we focus on preventing ticks from transmitting the bacteria via transfer of blood into your dog. There are several newer generation tick products which are very effective in a variety of tick challenges. Please call to discuss many of these products and protocols for a plan for your pets and home environment